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Thanks Bert - interesting stuff!


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She was there as a guest, not a member. She's been to several of these
congresses (I remember seeing he in Seattle 2008 and Kuala Lumpur 2010),
always a guest, and goes on the tours with the astronauts' spouses. Natalya
Kuleshova also used to come, when she was Exec. Secretary of ASE Russia. I'm
pretty sure that it was Kuleshova who invited her (they are friends).
Kuleshova was scheduled to come this time as well, but dropped out in July
for unknown reasons


In Minsk, there were also several cosmonaut widows as guests. I saw those of
Kadenyuk, Glazkov, Shonin, but there were several more who I can't remember
right now. 




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Irina Pronina was present at the 31st Planetary Congress of the Association
of Space Explorers held in Belarus earlier this month:




Does anyone know why she was there? As a non-flown cosmonaut, her presence
there seems a little unusual. 



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