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I am the administrator of the FPSpace discussion forum and I have been completely locked out: my account is blocked and I cannot access the administrative pages.  I suspect that some hacking has happened.  I have tried to contact Greg, the server administrator, but without luck.  So I am not sure how to correct the problem.  We seem to be on "cruise control" at the moment with messages being accepted and going out to the list members.  I hope all of these issues can be corrected shortly, but right now I am "dead in the water".  In the meantime, I can monitor the discussions by accessing the Archives at http://lists.friends-partners.org/pipermail/fpspace.  Since you can post messages, I would appreciate it if you could post this reply to the forum so the members know what is going on.  Thanks.

Dave Woods
FPSpace discussion forum administrator

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You can always catch up with the list archives:

Carlos Herranz

El 19-09-2018 10:52, Space Fan escribió:

> I am experiencing problems in receiving FPS emails, and am wondering 
> whether the FPS server is having problems again?
> In the thread 'ISS flight day 1 secret crisis', I noticed that an email 
> from Phillip Clark (PC) was quoted, but that I had not received PC's 
> original email. A fellow FPSer kindly offered off-list to send me a 
> copy as I wanted to see the full content and context, but then informed 
> me that PC had himself re-posted his email at my request.
> Needless to say, I have also not received the latter, so am still in 
> the dark …
> I have checked my spam folder (Outlook) and online (Gmail), and there 
> is no trace of either of PC's emails.
> (This is not an isolated incident, as in recent weeks I have noticed 
> several threads that refer to an email that I have not received - it is 
> more noticeable this time simply because the 'ISS flight day 1 secret 
> crisis' thread is of particular interest to me.)
> Could the list-owners perhaps check that all is well with the server 
> please? That would be very much appreciated.
> Many thanks.
> G
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