[FPSPACE] FPS - problems with server again?

Space Fan spaceflightnews at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 04:52:34 EDT 2018

I am experiencing problems in receiving FPS emails, and am wondering whether
the FPS server is having problems again?


In the thread 'ISS flight day 1 secret crisis', I noticed that an email from
Phillip Clark (PC) was quoted, but that I had not received PC's original
email. A fellow FPSer kindly offered off-list to send me a copy as I wanted
to see the full content and context, but then informed me that PC had
himself re-posted his email at my request.


Needless to say, I have also not received the latter, so am still in the
dark .


I have checked my spam folder (Outlook) and online (Gmail), and there is no
trace of either of PC's emails.


(This is not an isolated incident, as in recent weeks I have noticed several
threads that refer to an email that I have not received - it is more
noticeable this time simply because the 'ISS flight day 1 secret crisis'
thread is of particular interest to me.)


Could the list-owners perhaps check that all is well with the server please?
That would be very much appreciated.


Many thanks.



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