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Bearing in mind the space experience of the original Solovyov-Krikalyov-Shepherd crew at the time of the Soyuz-TM 31 launch, to have Shepherd as ISS commander would have been nothing but an insult to the vastly more experienced cosmonauts.   Even the compromise was an insult to Krikalyov.   What experience did Shepherd have in operating on board a space station, compared with Solovyov or Krikalyov?


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Dear Mr Oberg,


In brief, in Sep 1996, Anatoliy Solovyov was nominated as one of two Russian members in the first ISS crew (with Sergey Krikalyov). 

At the time, Solovyov was one of the most experienced Russian cosmonauts and expected to command the ISS crew. 

However, after announcement of William Shepherd to command the first ISS mission (Oct 1996), in disagreement he decided to depart the crew.

Solovyev moved to command one of the most important mission in the history of Mir space station programme (repair of space station after collision with the Progress spacecraft).  That was his last space mission. 

In Feb  1999, after a strange decision of the Air Force to retire group of TsPK veteran cosmonauts, Solovyev (age only 51) had to leave the cosmonaut group. He was a veteran of five space missions aboard Mir station (~650 days) and holder of the world record in spacewalks (16 EVAs, ~80 hours). 




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Coming up on the 20th anniversary of the first element launch of the ISS. 


Has anybody learned any more about the secret command & control crisis in the opening hours of this project?





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