[FPSPACE] ISS flight day 1 secret crisis

Zeger Nuyens dokter.nuyens at telenet.be
Mon Sep 17 06:38:09 EDT 2018

Phillip Clark wrote:

> Bearing in mind the space experience of the original  > Solovyov-Krikalyov-Shepherd crew at the time of the Soyuz-TM 31 > 
launch, to have Shepherd as ISS commander would have been nothing but > 
an insult to the vastly more experienced cosmonauts. Even the > 
compromise was an insult to Krikalyov. What experience did Shepherd > 
have in operating on board a space station, compared with Solovyov or > 
In my modest opinion it is never a good idea to mix politics with 
experience because the two just don't mix.

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