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Again, from our own Anatoly Zak





A spacewalk may be planned  to be performed to examine the habitable module
from the outside




Spacewalk planned to test Soyuz hole theory


In order to confirm the leading hypothesis that the hole aboard Soyuz MS-09
was drilled on the ground, Russian space officials began planning a
spacewalk on the exterior of the station. 

If substantial traces of the sealant can be found on the exterior of the
spacecraft, they could help to prove the theory that the hole was drilled
from the inside during the production of the spacecraft, but it was then
patched up from the exterior side of the spacecraft. The crew found no
traces of the sealant inside the module, but the endoscope examination
showed what appeared to be scratches from the drill on the internal side of
the meteoroid shield.

According to industry sources, the simulations conducted on the ground
indicated that when a generally available sealant (which can be purchased at
a regular hardware store), is applied to the hole from the exterior, it
could hold up to one atmosphere of pressure difference, industry sources
told RussianSpaceWeb.com.

The inspection showed that even with the micrometeoroid shielding installed,
it might be possible to reach the hole from the exterior of the spacecraft.
The meteoroid shielding could also help to cover up the sealant, which
otherwise could be detected during the visual inspection of the spacecraft.

If the spacewalk is attempted, the cosmonauts would have to get to the
Habitation Module <http://www.russianspaceweb.com/soyuz_bo.html> , peel off
soft thermal layers blanketing the spacecraft and then cut through the
meteoroid shielding bordering this section of the spacecraft at a distance
of around 1.5 centimeters from its pressurized hull.

To access the area of the hole on the exterior of the Soyuz, Russian
officials are developing a spacewalk scenario relying on the available
Strela boom, GStM, currently stored on the exterior of the Zarya FGB
<http://www.russianspaceweb.com/iss_fgb.html>  module. The telescopic device
can be used to carry a cosmonaut secured to a special anchor at the end of
the boom to a location aboard the station otherwise inaccessible to
spacewalkers due to lack of railings.


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