[FPSPACE] Twitter Rogozin is "Back At It," Again

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You're not missing anything, you have your eye directly on the ball. 

How many such fabrication errors have been found and fixed in the Russian segment without the other partners ever being notified? Found on landed Soyuz vehicles? 

This lack of candor was a burning issue with me in 1996-7 when I kept telling the NASA Shuttle/Mir folks that the Russians were lying to us about their fire experiences on previous station missions, and I was told it wasn't my job and shut up. That was before the Linenger near-death experience. 

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Rogozin seems to be in search of Trotskyite Wreckers. 

I have yet to see an analysis of Rogozin's recent demotion. 

It seems to me that he was a proponent of the metal eaters, 
as Nikita Segeevich called them, whereas Borisov is less 
hardware happy [eg, he has endorsed the Su-35S over 
the Su-57 PAK-FA], under the theory that Aktivniye 
Meropriyatiya are a more cost effect asymmetric response 
to the West, rather than running another peer competitor 
arms race of the sort that Rogozin favored. 

Or am I missing something?? 

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