[FPSPACE] Twitter Rogozin is "Back At It," Again

John Pike john at globalsecurity.org
Tue Sep 4 14:59:05 EDT 2018

Rogozin seems to be in search of Trotskyite Wreckers.

I have yet to see an analysis of Rogozin's recent demotion.

It seems to me that he was a proponent of the metal eaters,
as Nikita Segeevich called them, whereas Borisov is less
hardware happy [eg, he has endorsed the Su-35S over
the Su-57 PAK-FA], under the theory that Aktivniye
Meropriyatiya are a more cost effect asymmetric response
to the West, rather than running another peer competitor
arms race of the sort that Rogozin favored.

Or am I missing something??

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