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Brian Harvey brharvey at eircom.net
Fri Dec 14 01:27:27 EST 2018

Does anyone know the origin of the 'land inside one’s vehicle’ requirement?  
In defining a spaceflight, the Vostok system of parachuting out before landing, which was a necessity to avoid broken bones or worse, was possibly not anticipated  by the FAI. I don’t think anyone now or even then would deny that Vostok, nor the subsequent Vostoks 2-6, were actual spaceflights, but the USSR was determined not to have it formally disallowed on a technicality.  It’s possible that during the big time of aviation record-making in the 1930s, some technical issues had arisen about what was genuinely a ‘flight’ and how it concluded.  Or had some pilot bailed out but not landed his or her plane but still tried to claim a record?  Can any aviation historians shed light on this?

Brian Harvey
Dublin, Ireland

"internationally recognised"... As I recall, the FAI requirement for all flight records always was that the pilot take off and land in his vehicle. That was probably the primary reason that the USSR lied about the 'Vostok' flight profile in 1961.
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