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Watch it happen ?

I have put a gif animation here
[It takes a minute or so to run.]

Which I think is the incident.

What is the significance of the fact that its only really vis in the 
BAND 7 spectrum?
Is this a heat signature?

Credit H8



On 30/04/2018 04:34, jameseoberg at comcast.net wrote:
> "The plot thickens."
> [old movie quote about a mystery growing more complex]
> Official Chinese Academy of Sciences explanation for Friday night's sky 
> spectacular: swamp gas.
> Well, not exactly, but that was the general idea. Global warming made an 
> aircraft contrail in the upper atmosphere look weird, nothing to see 
> here, comrades, move along, or there will be a note made in your 
> national computerized citizenship quality account.
> Since it was so obviously a missile contrail, the official denial is 
> strong indication it's something the officials want the citizens to stop 
> paying attention to.
> UFO on earth? China Plus, April 30, 2018
> The alleged "UFO" seen in the sky above northern China on Friday evening 
> was a noctilucent contrail, says the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).
> According to a post published Saturday on the CAS WeChat account, the 
> cloud was spotted in several northern cities, including Beijing, 
> Tianjin, Zhengzhou, and Qingdao. Photos of the cloud formation went 
> viral on social media in China, with some netizens saying that it could 
> have been caused by a UFO, a satellite launch, or a military exercise.
> CAS explained that the cloud was actually a type of condensation trail. 
> The line-shaped clouds are produced by aircraft engine exhaust, or 
> changes in air pressure.
> CAS says this contrail had its unusual appearances because it formed in 
> the upper atmosphere where the clouds are still reached by the day's 
> sunlight, but the sun is below the horizon for observers. This 
> characteristic is what sets "noctilucent" clouds apart. Although the 
> cloud formation was popular with observers, CAS warns that noctilucent 
> clouds are regarded as a sign of global warming.
> http://www.china.org.cn/china/2018-04/30/content_51033938.htm

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