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"The plot thickens." 
[old movie quote about a mystery growing more complex] 

Official Chinese Academy of Sciences explanation for Friday night's sky spectacular: swamp gas. 

Well, not exactly, but that was the general idea. Global warming made an aircraft contrail in the upper atmosphere look weird, nothing to see here, comrades, move along, or there will be a note made in your national computerized citizenship quality account. 

Since it was so obviously a missile contrail, the official denial is strong indication it's something the officials want the citizens to stop paying attention to. 

UFO on earth ? China Plus, April 30, 2018 

The alleged "UFO" seen in the sky above northern China on Friday evening was a noctilucent contrail, says the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). 

According to a post published Saturday on the CAS WeChat account, the cloud was spotted in several northern cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, and Qingdao. Photos of the cloud formation went viral on social media in China, with some netizens saying that it could have been caused by a UFO, a satellite launch, or a military exercise. 

CAS explained that the cloud was actually a type of condensation trail. The line-shaped clouds are produced by aircraft engine exhaust, or changes in air pressure. 

CAS says this contrail had its unusual appearances because it formed in the upper atmosphere where the clouds are still reached by the day's sunlight, but the sun is below the horizon for observers. This characteristic is what sets "noctilucent" clouds apart. Although the cloud formation was popular with observers, CAS warns that noctilucent clouds are regarded as a sign of global warming. 


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