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If you have not heard already on the 19th of April Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Lyakhov (77) passed away. Veteran of three space mission aboard three different orbital stations (he was only one of three cosmonauts who fly on three orbital stations).
During the first 175-day mission (1979), three days before return Lyakhov with Ryumin removes a 10-meter antenna of space telescope KRT-10 which was deployed at the rear of station Salyut-6, but stayed attached after command to separate.

Luakhov’s second flight of 150 days (1983) is epic one. Instead 50 days, as originally planned, mission was extended twice, first due to delay with the launch of Soyuz T-10(A), then due to dramatic rescue of its crew (Vladimir Tito and Genadiy Strekalov) when the SAS saved the cosmonauts prior to the launch.
Lyakhov and Alexandrov made two space walks. In addition, they worked aboard first space module “Kosmos-1443”, that was docked to the orbital station “Salyut-7”.

Last flight (1988) of Vladimir Lyakhov was one of the most dramatic space missions ever. During after 8-days spent aboard Mirvspace station with the first Afghan cosmonauts Mohmand, after the problems with automatic orientation and few short burns of the main engine, Lyakhov had to switched off the engine. Due to further problems in the new software package for revised landing procedure, Lyakhov had to stop failed command on separation of instrument and command modules just a minute prior to separation. If that happened he and Mohmand would not be able to return (engine  is in the instrumental module) and would die after few hours when cosmonauts consume all air from the tyne command module.

Lyakhov was buried at the cemetery of   Leonikha, near the Star Town.


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