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My brother did his PhD thesis on the low energy part of the cosmic ray 
spectrum that is blocked by the atmosphere.  He used the cosmic ray 
damage to the lexan plastic in Jim Lovell's Apollo-8 helmet 
Apollo-11 lunar samples 
the Surveyor-3 lens filters brought back by the Apollo-12 mission 
http://www.astronautix.com/graphics/l/lmsurvey.jpg, and exposure samples 
set out during the lunar stay time of Apollo-16 
https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a16det17442.jpg and Apollo-17 
He and his group attended a conference in Moscow about their work after 
that.  While he was there he visited the Cosmos Pavilion which was full 
of spacecraft models at the time.  By the time I got there in 2000, all 
of that was gone except for a few models way at the back 
So, I am glad to see that the pavilion has been brought back and it 
appears that it has an impressive set of displays.

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I was there in April, 1975, when I was a producer for CBS News, 
preparing for the ASTP flight. After our tour, we got in the bureau car, 
a Chevy, a fairly rare brand in Moscow then. It struck me as quite 
ironic that when we exited this pavilion of great Soviet achievement, we 
were immediately surrounded by a large crowd of Muscovites, who seemed 
more impressed with how many horsepower the car had than they were with 
all the spacecraft and rockets in the exhibition.

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      the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements, the "Cosmos"

when we first went to Moscow in 1983, we had
a heck of a time getting access to that place
the guides kept acting like they did not know
what we were talking about, and initially would
only take us to the Tsiolkovsky Monument

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