[FPSPACE] The revived "Cosmos"

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I was there in April, 1975, when I was a producer for CBS News, preparing
for the ASTP flight. After our tour, we got in the bureau car, a Chevy, a
fairly rare brand in Moscow then. It struck me as quite ironic that when we
exited this pavilion of great Soviet achievement, we were immediately
surrounded by a large crowd of Muscovites, who seemed more impressed with
how many horsepower the car had than they were with all the spacecraft and
rockets in the exhibition. 


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At 04:54 PM 4/13/2018, David R. Woods wrote:

 the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements, the "Cosmos" pavilion 

when we first went to Moscow in 1983, we had
a heck of a time getting access to that place
the guides kept acting like they did not know
what we were talking about, and initially would
only take us to the Tsiolkovsky Monument 

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