[FPSPACE] major change in plans for Federatsia

John Pike john at globalsecurity.org
Wed May 31 11:23:00 EDT 2017

another P bites the dust

Federatsia = Perspektivnyi Transportnyi Korabl
[or words to that effect]

those who have forgotten the lessons of history
are fated to repeat them

"Perspektivnyi" as near as I can tell is a very
popular and rather ambiguous word

PAK-FA - Sukhoi stealth fighter
PAK-DA - new heavy bomber
PAK-TA - C-17 counterpart

these aviation projects all fell apart a few years
back when it became apparent that there was
not enough money

I have found Perspektivnyi difficult to translate.
Literally it is "perspective" but that is not right.
The American counterpart is "Future" but that
is not this word means.
"Prospective" is much closer to the mark.
"Promising" seems pretty close to the standard
rendition, but this is seductive, because it claims
the plan is a good idea.

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