[FPSPACE] Cosmonaut Gorbatko

Zeger Nuyens dokter.nuyens at telenet.be
Thu May 18 08:35:48 EDT 2017

Ivanovich Grujica wrote:

> Yesterday (17/05/2017), in one of the Moscow's hospitals, cosmonaut Viktor Gorbatko (83) died.
> He was one of three last members of the first ("Gagarin") cosmonaut group (1960), and veteran of three space mission aboard Soyuz-7 (1969) and space stations Salyut-5 (1977) and Salyut-6 (1980).
As far as I can tell there are still three surviving members of that group:

Valery Bykovsky

Alexei Leonov

Boris Volynov

Am I correct or did I miss something?


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