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I'm with John on this, here are some random slides from a presentation I used to give... 


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At 04:17 PM 7/14/2017, Keith Gottschalk wrote: 
> what can a US Space Corps do that the existing US Space Command cannot? 

the most important thing would be to develop Space Power doctrine 
that is distinct from the Aerospace Power doctrine of the Air Force 

for the past half century the Air Force has claimed ownership of the 
space mission under the rubric of Aerospace Power, the assertion that 
air and space are a single indivisible operational medium, and that 
space is just like the air, only thinner and higher up 

Aerospace power doctrine generates all kinds of missions [close air 
support] that don't have much application in space, and all kinds of 
vehicle designs that have wings, generally a bad idea for space craft 

I could go on, and have been going on for decades, but I hope you 
get the general idea 

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