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That would have happened during the obscenely corrupt Yanukovych era, so would have been the work of the Russian mafia. Aren't the Ukrainians officially helping the South Koreans build their satellite launch vehicle?

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Washington Post news story here:


The secret to Kim’s success? Some experts see Russian echoes in North Korea’s missile advances<https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/the-secret-to-kims-success-some-experts-see-russian-echoes-in-north-koreas-missiles-advances/2017/07/08/5d4f5fca-6364-11e7-a4f7-af34fc1d9d39_story.html>
The new intercontinental weapon’s propulsion system looks to some like a Soviet knockoff.

Some Western analysts saw design elements in the new North Korean missile engine similar to the 1960s-era Soviet RD-250 engine used on the first stage of the R-36-0 [SS-9 SCARP] ICBM  of OKB Yangel and the derivative Tsyklon 2 launcher. The Glushko  RD-250 (GRAU Index 8D518) is a dual nozzle family of liquid rocket engines burning N2O4 and UDMH, part of the RD-215 family of engines [which includes 16 variants]. For instance, the RD-218 consisted of three RD-217. It had 6 combustion chambers and 3 turbines. It powered the R-16 [SS-7 SADDLER] ICBM of OKB Yangel.

The common feature here is that these missiles were designed and built in Ukraine. This suggests a second line of post-SOviet leakage, in addition to the OKB Makayev leakage from Russia. While the designer [Glushko] is in Russia, the missile designers and constructors in Ukraine would have had intimate knowledge of these engines. Ukraine is hopelessly corrupt, and it is not too hard to imagine money changing hands for some old rocket motors and a few Ukrainian engineers to help bring them back to life.
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