[FPSPACE] Report: North Korea ICBM test--missile used copy of RD-250 rocket engine

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I doubt it. Nobody who worked on ISS in the 1990s [at NPO Energiya or Khrunichev] had recently [if ever] been a 'rocket scientist' in the Soviet missile programs, as far as I could tell they were separate industries. Of course, the Russian space agency would have been happy to promote that idea, to get more Western money from Washington. But Yevgeniya Albats and other independent Russian journalists were able to interview unemployed veterans of the real Soviet-era military missile program at Vnukovo airport on their way to Iran and points east on three to six month excursions, and discovered they were poorly paid on their consultancies, which is always a good indication that interdiction was a failure, and mostly for show. 

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It looks like the American policy of subsidising out-of work Russian rocket engineers in the early 1990s (with the ISS) was the right way to go. It probably set-back North Korean efforts to develop their ICBM by a decade... 

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Washington Post news story here: 



The secret to Kim’s success? Some experts see Russian echoes in North Korea’s missile advances 
The new intercontinental weapon’s propulsion system looks to some like a Soviet knockoff. 

And more about the RD-250—used in the R-36 ICBM of the USSR, as well as the Tsyklon series of space launchers. 


RD-250 - Wikipedia 
The RD-250 (GRAU Index 8D518) is the base version of a dual nozzle family of liquid rocket engines, burning N 2 O 4 and UDMH in the oxidizer rich staged combustion cycle. 

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