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Hi Grujica,
About the decision to launch Soyuz-1, you wrote:

>Kamanin was a single senior person in the Soviet space establishment >who was against Komarov’s flight before at least one successful test >mission of an unmanned Soyuz. 
This is not true. Kamanin may privately have had reservations about the launch (as he expressed in his diaries) but he certainly never said anything publicly and fully voted in favor of the launch. Only three senior officials in the Soviet space program opposed the launch: A. G. Mrykin (from the Ministry of Machine Building), A. S. Kirillov (deputy commander of the launch range), and I. S. Prudnikov (a senior designer at TskBEM). But the votes in favor of the launch at each juncture before the launch were overwhelming in favor, among managers, designers, and military officers.

By the way, for those interested, my multi-part article on Soyuz-1 is based on the ground-to-air transcripts for the Soyuz-1 mission which, to my knowledge, have never been published before. A colleague of mine (Dr. Slava Gerovitch) and I were able to find them at the Russian State Archive of Scientific-Technical Documentation (RGANTD) in Moscow a few hours ago.

The first part of my article can be found here:
Asif Siddiqi
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I'll be interested to hear if the new BBC radio play on Komarov has used any of the new information, or relies on on the dramatically rich but historically dodgy stuff out there ... :http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08mbhhc
Julian Rhind-Tutt stars in a powerful re-imagining of Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov's final moments as he hurtles towards earth.
Amid the space race frenzy of Cold War Russia, Vladimir Komarov was sent into space to mark the anniversary of Lenin's birth. Though his ship, the Soyuz 1, had failed multiple safety checks, the launch went ahead. As soon as he reached orbit, system failures began.
>From the award-winning writer and director partnership behind Comment is Free comes a thrilling, heart-wrenching monologue which tries to make sense of progress and national pride in the face of inevitable death.
[By the way, afaik BBC online radio works worldwide, it's just the TV that needs a VPN]
On 25/04/2017 09:23, bart hendrickx wrote:

A fresh look at the Soyuz-1 mission based on currently available sources :
- Asif Siddiqi on The Space Review :
(based among other sources on transcripts of declassified air-to-ground conversations)
- Anatoly Zak on RussianSpaceWeb.com
Bart Hendrickx

Op 24 apr. 2017, om 16:48 heeft David R. Woods <drwoods at stny.rr.com> het volgende geschreven:
A nice documentary tribute to Komarov on Roscosmos TV:  http://www.tvroscosmos.ru/5795/

50 лет назад, 24 апреля 1967 года из-за отказа техники при испытании нового космического корабля «Союз-1» погиб один из первых советских космонавтов Владимир Комаров — во время посадки у спускаемого аппарата не вышел основной парашют, а стропы запасного скрутились, не дав ему раскрыться.  
Владимир Комаров был награжден второй звездой Героя Советского Союза посмертно.

50 years ago, on April 24, 1967, due to the failure of equipment during the testing of the new Soyuz-1 spacecraft, one of the first Soviet cosmonauts Vladimir Komarov was killed.  During the landing, the main parachute did not leave the landing gear, and the lines of the reserve were twisted, without having given to it to be opened. 
Vladimir Komarov was awarded the second star of the Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.
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