[FPSPACE] Project Apollo cost? And getting to Mars with astronauts

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According to the "inflation calculator," the 2017 USD equivalent of $24
billion USD is:


$163,221,633,802.82  That would be $163 billion USD in 2017 dollars.  That's
a fantastic amount of money spent.


So even if Project Apollo was $24 billion USD in 1969 dollars (and not $10
billion), that definitely would not be a viable manned space program today,
from what I can see--if the Congress were asked to consistently fund a
nine-year or decade-long manned space project before achieving its goals.


I think the main reasons (to my mind) that Apollo was seen through to
completion is because both houses of Congress, as well as the President
(LBJ-through a major segment of the funding cycles) were Democrat, and were
deeply concerned about Soviet potentials of landing first (which would have
been a super propaganda coup of greatest magnitude, with unanticipated
ripple effects).  During the 1960s, science and fact-based discourse was


Indeed, I have seen newspaper reportage from 1965 where Republicans were
complaining about the amount of spending on Apollo (but not the Vietnam
conflict)-if memory serves, the reportage was in the New York Times.  


I am glad that the Democrats far outnumbered the Republicans in Congress at
that time.



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I thought Project Apollo was 24 billion in contemporary dollars? A bargain
any way or time period you look at it.





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I have been thinking about extended-time-frame manned space projects, after
seeing what Trump said earlier today.


I dimly remembered reading fairly often that Project Apollo cost in the
neighborhood of $10 billion USD in 1969 dollars.


I wondered what the equivalent amount in today's money that would be.


I visited http://www.dollartimes.com/inflation/inflation.php?amount=10
&year=1969, and learned that this is the amount in today's money USD.




I don't think that the current set of Congress-es we have had (most
Republican-controlled) over the last several years would have had the
consistent political will to ultimately pony up $68 billion USD solely
applied to, and for, a manned program that would have its apex in nine years
time into the future.


So getting people to Mars probably won't happen-the money needed to be spent
is too dear, and the timeframes for completion not politically viable (for
continuing support until the project's conclusion).


What do you think?  Have I mis-interpreted the trends?  Or not?

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