[FPSPACE] 50 Years since Komarov's death

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50 Years since Komarov's death
Grujica <grujicai at hotmail.com>
4/23/2017 9:51 PM

'fpspace2' <fpspace at mail.friends-partners.org>

On the 24th of April 1967 during the landing of the Soyuz-1 capsule 
cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov died.

The main official explanation was difference between normal pressure 
inside the cockpit and drop in pressure inside the parachute container 
blocking deployment of the main parachute.

However,  at the TsKBEM there was another investigated version - that 
the parachute containers on both spacecraft (Soyuz-1 and Soyuz-2 planned 
to be launched next day, on 24/04/1967) were not covered during thermal 
treatment of the command modules.  As result, the internal walls of the 
containers were covered with thermal protecting materials increasing 
their resistance coefficient blocking release of the main parachute.

Remember one of the last of Mishin's interviews he also mentioned this 
and noted that technicians had problems placing the parachute package in 
the container.


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