[FPSPACE] Slooh: Watch Live Stream as Massive Asteroid Makes Close

Robert G Kennedy III, PE robot at ultimax.com
Tue Apr 18 19:31:36 EDT 2017

They got the velocity way wrong.  Meant 33 km/sec, I'm sure.


On 2017-04-18 12:00, fpspace-request at mail.friends-partners.org wrote:
> Astronomers first learned about "The Rock" three years ago, when it
> was observed by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona.
> Not much is known about the asteroid itself, including its makeup
> and even its exact size. Estimates put it between 650 meters
> (about 2,000 feet) and 1.4 kilometers.
. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Here, the flack could have written "(about a mile wide)" and been 
correct.  Lost chance.

> The asteroid will be moving at about 33 meters per second --
.                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

What's three orders of magnitude amongst friends?

> and come within 4.6 lunar distances of the Earth
.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Gee, I wonder why they didn't put a converted imperial unit in 
parentheses here, too?  Perhaps because "come within a million miles" 
would have spoiled the drama?

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