[FPSPACE] Georgiy Grechko passes at 85

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Thank you Peter.

Another space hero gone.
Grechko passed away in the morning on Saturday, the 8th of April, in the Veresayev's Hospital in Moscow.
He was born in May 1931, so his age was actually 86.

You may remember approx. a year ago, soon after the death of Gybaryev, Grechko was hospitalised due to problem with his heart.
When asked how explains to be so lucky (he survived the siege of Leningrad during the II WW, during parachute training broken his leg, had a fire in space station, worked in open space through the open hatch of docking mechanism, had number of adventures in polar and mountain regions) Grechko said it is because he was protected by two angels. Namely, when he was born, his two grandmothers (from father Ukrainian's and mother Belarus' side) separately and secretly (without knowing between each other) had baptised Grechko in two different churches. Grechko said that "according tradition when you a baptised you've got an angel-protector who takes care of you during your entire life. As I've been baptised twice, two angels are my protectors".
With Grechko's death, there are no surviving cosmonauts in the crews of Voskhod, Soyuz-11, -12, -14, -15 and -17 and Soyuz T-3.
From Vostok programme, Bykovskiy (83) and Teryeshkova (80) are alive, as from the first cosmonaut group (20 people), in addition to Bykovskiy, Leonov, Volynov and Gorbatko.

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