[FPSPACE] Last Bits of 2015 Pluto Flyby Data Received on Earth

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And at some point in time a monolith was thought to have been planted in Jovian waters.
Alas, Hi There and Dear John were less palatable parts of the same universe.


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Though some pre-Space Age astronomers were able to see very rough features on the Galilean moons and even made crude maps of those worlds.


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that's a precious freight of Pluto-Charon data all safe & sound. Now, over to the processors & the analysts. What a triumph - throughout my childhood Pluto, & all solar system moons, were but a pinprick of light on B & W photos!

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Oh good, now they can start beaming One Earth onto New Horizons:


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FPSPACE] Last Bits of 2015 Pluto Flyby Data Received on Earth

NASA's New Horizons mission reached a major milestone this week when the
last bits of science data from the Pluto flyby - stored on the
spacecraft's digital recorders since July 2015 - arrived safely on Earth.

It was the last of the 50-plus total gigabits of Pluto system data
transmitted to Earth by New Horizons over the past 15 months.



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