[FPSPACE] One Third of U.S. Astronauts Injured During Soyuz Landings

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NASA has indicated that it plans to buy no further Soyuz seats - even if it means, apparently, not staffing ISS with American astronauts for a while (however long Com Crew needs to get its act together - 3-4 yrs?). The current buy would run through 2018, when Com Crew is supposed to be flying reliably, but it was supposed to be flying in 2015. This sort of information seems to have been released to provide some justification for the decision to abandon Soyuz and, potentially, temporarily abandon ISS.

The 37.5% figure seems high based on everything I've read and heard. I wonder what qualifies as an injury - a bruise? Nausea? The wording is vague.


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One Third of U.S. Astronauts Injured During Soyuz Landings
By Keith Cowing<https://mt.spaceref.net/mt4/mt/mt-cp.cgi?__mode=view&blog_id=19&id=2> on October 27, 2016 1:04 PM.


Soyuz Landing Missions<https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20160010479.pdf>, NASA

"More injuries have been occurring on Soyuz landings than anticipated. Most injuries are minor in nature, but are unexpected due to the low energetics of the landing. This may be an indication that Soyuz landings are harder than previously thought, or that spaceflight deconditioning reduces human tolerance to impacts, or a combination of both. ... 37.5% of US crew members experienced an injury."



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