[FPSPACE] The Apollo Flights to Nowhere: The Testing of CSM-008

Andrew LePage drew at drewexmachina.com
Fri Oct 28 10:42:55 EDT 2016

On October 26, 1966, two NASA astronauts and a USAF pilot entered the 
first human-rated Apollo spacecraft for a week-long mission to verify 
the flightworthiness of NASA's newest crewed ship. This largely 
forgotten mission never left the ground, however, and was never meant 
to. Instead, it took place inside of a large thermal-vacuum chamber 
which could subject Apollo to many of the rigors of space without ever 
leaving the ground. The latest post on Drew Ex Machina takes a close 
look at the "flights" of Apollo CSM-008 at NASA's Space Environment 
Simulation Laboratory during the second half of 1966 in preparation for 
the first actual orbital test flight, Apollo 1.


Drew LePage

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