[FPSPACE] One Third of U.S. Astronauts Injured During Soyuz Landings

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NASA "caught by surprise" again by those Russian rascals? Who could have warned them? 

Soyuz Landing Historical Reliability Study 

NASA Contractor "Soyuz Lifeboat" Study http://jamesoberg.com/soyuz.html 
James Oberg, March 19, 1997 

1. TASK. Assess flight history of Soyuz-type space vehicles to ascertain demonstrated reliability of key functions associated with return to Earth from a space station. 


4B. Official Russian reports on Soyuz flight events are inadequate to assess effectiveness of medevac missions. As an example, compare the RSC Energiya report NASW-4727 on the Soyuz TM-2 through Soyuz TM-15 mission anomalies, with those anomalies registered in this study, to illustrate the deficiency of official Russian-provided data. The Russians reported only trivial procedural deviations, while the flight crews involved in the missions confronted serious operational difficulties, sometimes life-threatening, which often would have called the success of a medevac mission into doubt. 

4C. Incidents of "hard landings" appear to actually increase with time, over the history of the program. However, this is probably an artifact of the data collection process since more recent landings have been covered by non- government news media representatives who have provided this information, even as the "official" accounts still omit any such information. 

….. This report describes 35 known anomalous Soyuz-spacecraft-related undocking, de-orbit, and landing incidents relevant to crew safety on a Soyuz-based baseline medical evacuation application missions from the International Space Station. These reports have been collected from the Russian press (both official and independent), from recent official Russian space industry historical reports and recently-released contemporary archives, from private discussions with Russian journalists, and from interviews with cosmonauts (both Russian and foreign guests). Interestingly, the only significant information source which did NOT prove useful were the official Russian space industry reports to NASA regarding Soyuz reliability and safety. 

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One Third of U.S. Astronauts Injured During Soyuz Landings 
By Keith Cowing on October 27, 2016 1:04 PM . 

Soyuz Landing Missions , NASA 

"More injuries have been occurring on Soyuz landings than anticipated. Most injuries are minor in nature, but are unexpected due to the low energetics of the landing. This may be an indication that Soyuz landings are harder than previously thought, or that spaceflight deconditioning reduces human tolerance to impacts, or a combination of both. ... 37.5% of US crew members experienced an injury." 


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