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Some of you may have a Facebook account and receive notifications of 
postings from others.  Sergey Andreev had such an account and I enjoyed 
communicating with him and reading his postings at 
https://www.facebook.com/sergey.v.andreev.  We were all saddened when 
Sergey passed away back on October 18, 2013, following a long illness.  
Much to my dismay there are still postings coming from his account.  
 From what I can see, it appears that Петр Дружинин (Pjotr Druzinin) has 
taken over his account and is posting pictures with such captions as: 
"With Петр Дружинин, Sergey V. Andreev, Olga Moroz and Alexey Kucheyko" 
giving the impression that Sergey is still alive and meeting with 
Pjotr.  I am not familiar with a number of Russian customs, so may be 
this is an acceptable practice.  For me, however, I think it is 
disgusting and I wish he would stop. If any of you are in communications 
with Pjotr, could you ask him what could possibly motivate him to be 
doing this and would he please stop doing it.  I can not believe that 
Servey would approve of him doing this.


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