[FPSPACE] First polar orbiting satellites?

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Discoverer 2 was the inspiration for the spysat and plot of Ice Station Zebra, as the return capsule may have landed near Spitzbergen Island in the Arctic and may have been recovered by the Soviets.

The spysat resembled one of the later Ranger lunar probes that impacted the Moon while imaging along the way, but with stubbier solar panels:



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Or possibly Discoverer 2, since there remains some doubt whether Discoverer 1 really made it to orbit.
Samos 2 E-1 and Samos 2 F-1   (the main payload E-1 is missing from the satcat list for reasons too
stupid to admit right now) was a dual payload launch that was the first to reach sun-sync orbit

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Per http://planet4589.org/space/log/satcat.txt , that would have been Discoverer 1, launched 1959-02-08 with an inclination of
89.70 degrees. Samos 2 F-1 on 1961-01-31 had an inclination of 97.4 degrees.

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