[FPSPACE] What Mars Maps Got Right (and Wrong) Through Time

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I think folks here will find this fully online book about the history of Mars from 1996 to be both relevant and very interesting:


The Planet Mars: A History of Observation and Discovery ...<http://www.uapress.arizona.edu/onlinebks/MARS/CONTENTS.HTM>
Preface A century ago, at the height of what might be referred to as the "canal furor," Camille Flammarion published the first volume of his great work, La Planète ...

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A treasured childhood moment for me was to receive the Mariner 9 USGS map when it came out, after  a feature in a UK newspaper.  I had to send a postal order I think to buy it, probably first thing I ever bought from US.


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So many people get the Mars map story horribly wrong - but this is good. (Full disclosure - I work for USGS Astrogeology in Flagstaff. Among my duties is maintaining a collection of about 120,000 lunar and planetary maps, most made by USGS on contract to NASA. Along with that we have documents concerning map and mapping equipment development, drafts and various production phase map copies, and a collection of vintage map-making equipment.)


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What Mars Maps Got Right (and Wrong) Through Time<http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/10/planets-maps-exploring-mars-space-science/>


>From the first map of Mars in 1831 to a new gravity map released in March, cartography has shaped how we understand the red planet.

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