[FPSPACE] How should America feel about China's space ambitions?

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With less than 9t, concept of deep space module based on Tiangong-2 design, compare with 20t modules of ISS, requires significantly less power to leave the low Earth orbit.
For that type of mission engineers should add lot of extra equipment and systems, but still from the propulsion perspective concept of TG-2 provides lot of opportunities for the future plans.

I am also fascinated with huge progress of the Chinese space industry.
This year, China launched 15 rockets, including new medium-class rocket CZ-7, one orbital laboratory (TG-2), one manned spacecraft (SZ-11), satellites using pulsars for orientation in space and quantum communication technologies.
New, the 4th national cosmodrome commenced this year, as in few weeks-time we’ll witness another big event – launch of the heaviest Chinese rocket CZ-5.
With, I do hope successful one month mission of taykonauts Jing and Dong, this year will be one of the most distinguished in the history of Chinese cosmonautics.

I am also fascinated how they managed to keep in secrecy the names of the crewmembers up to the last day before the launch. One of them, Chen Dong, visited only few months ago ESA’s Space Centre, which is unusual considering training requirements.
With 33 days, this mission will basically double the total time of all previous five Chinese manned space missions.
Jing Hapieng (or more accurately Jing Hai Peng - his two names Hai and Peng means “the sea falcon”) is for the third time in space, basically fluing every second Chinese manned space mission.
As in the case of SZ-10, so far there is no announcement of the backup crew.

After the departure of taykonauts Jing and Dong, Taingong-2 (TG-2) will orbit the Earth automatically with, as far as known, no plans for other manned missions (there will be an automatic docking with a cargo ship in April 2017).
From that perspective, with one automatic and two manned Shenzhou missions, TG-1 had more ambitious programme (if, in the meantime clever Chinese do not prepare another surprise with TG-2).
Interestingly, based on video of TG-2 interior it seems that its floor is maiden of some type of timber or laminated panels.

If all goes well, in the time of the launch of the core module of the future Chinese orbital station (2018), TG-2 will be still operative, with plenty of fuel and air and equipment used only during one (SZ-11) manned mission.
They may plan transfer of some of apparatus from TG-2 to the orbital station, similar to the Soyuz T-15’s transfers between new Mir station and old Salyut-7 in 1986.
It is known that after the childbirth, the first Chinese woman in space Liu Yang joined the group of taykonauts training for the first missions to the orbital station.

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I'm fascinated by the Tiangong-Shenzhou 30-day mission, which is a sensible stepping stone to a Mir-class station but ALSO strikes me as a viable prototype human deep-space expeditionary craft -- say, lunar orbit or even SEL2 and back in a month. Systems need upgrading and a LEO-departure stage [launched by an unmanned LM-5] would be needed, but it's got all the basic modules, now in flight, that are mostly just on the drawing boards in other countries.

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China and the United States have a complicated relationship. Considering that, how should America feel about China's space ambitions?  That was the subject of a recent House of Representatives space subcommittee hearing.  http://www.planetary.org/blogs/jason-davis/2016/20161014-america-china-space-ambitions.html

Space Subcommittee Hearing - Are We Losing the Space Race to China?  Video of hearing: https://science.house.gov/legislation/hearings/space-subcommittee-hearing-are-we-losing-space-race-china

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