[FPSPACE] Unannounced Plesetsk ICBM launch failure -- August 25??

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For several weeks there have been rumors in the Arkhangelsk local media about a major explosion leveling a large area of a local forest occurred on August 25, followed by massive fish deaths in nearby rivers.This was associated with a missile test from Plesetsk, it was said, although the photos of the knocked down trees and small craters didn't look like I would have expected. Then an unofficial report claimed to confirm the missile failure [below]. What can we make of this? 

10:54 30/09/2016 // Почему погибла рыба? Why did the fish die? 


About the mass deaths of fish, we wrote in # 37. Gennady MITKIN, Deputy Director of the Northwest Office of Rosrybolovstvo, reported that an administrative inquiry advised: "From unofficial sources information comes about the accidental fall of a missile. By letter dated 14.09.2016 No. 2805 military unit 13991 reported that the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile occurred on 25 August in 11 hours 53 minutes from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome. At 12:00 there was an emergency fall of the flying rocket. According to the information of the military unit, the rocket used solid fuel. In view of the fact that in the area of Yula river, industrial plants do not exist, as the most likely cause of death of fish is considered an emergency launch of an ICBM. 
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