[FPSPACE] Shenzhou 11

IVANOVICH Grujica (SW) grujica.ivanovich at ergon.com.au
Sat Oct 15 07:14:50 EDT 2016

In the forum of "Novosti kosmonavtiki" it is announced that the launch of SZ-11 is planned on the 17th of October 2016 at 7.30am (Beijing time, 23:30UTC, 16/10/3016). 

Tomorrow at 9:00AM (Beijing time, 1.00UTC) there will be live press conference with still unknown taykonauts. It is expected that Liu Boming, veteran from SZ-7 (Sep 2008) will be commander of the crew, as second member -operator could be one of the following three taykonauts - Zhang Lu, Cai Xuzhe or Tang Hong.
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