[FPSPACE] Soyuz ascent question

jameseoberg at comcast.net jameseoberg at comcast.net
Tue Oct 11 23:33:37 EDT 2016

I'm finishing up my review draft on ground obervations 
of the Meridian-5 launch failure [dec 23, 2011] and 
would like to get estimated vehicle flight parameters 
at the moment of the failure, 425 seconds. Specifically, 
how high [I think about 190 km], how fast, and 
how far downrange -- to coordinate with reports 
from ground observers. 

I'm happy to assume normal Soyuz 3-stage-to-orbit 
figures, shouldn't be noticeably different for Fregat/Meridian 
missions, right? 

I hope this is a quick matter for folks with the right 
tools and reference charts. Thanks!! 

Jim O 

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