[FPSPACE] Need lat/long of booster failure observing location near Tyumen, 2011

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> Зайцево Тюм. области
Any chance that's a typo for Зайцево Тoм. области? There's a Zaytsevo in Tomsk Oblast a bit north of Novosibirsk. None in Tyumen Oblast that I can find, though it's such a common name it's certainly possible that there's one there that's gotten overlooked. :)

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  •I'm doing a report on the observations of this launch failure, from an airliner, from the Tobolsk area [expanding fuel cloud and spiraling rocket stage], and from Novosibirsk. But I can't locate the village where this video was made, in Tyumen region. Does anyone have access to a better map with its latitude and longitude? Thanks!
Запуск спутника Меридиан, вид из села Зайцево Тюм. области. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS1EHFXbqN4 Dec 23, 2011 -- Tyumen region, Siberia -- Unmanned Soyuz launch [“Meridian-5”] from Plesetsk,
 engine burn-through on 3rd stage, rupture and fast tumble, altitude 300 km, speed 6 km/sec

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