[FPSPACE] Fw: [KSC News] Kennedy Space Center Closing in Advance of Hurricane Matthew

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Wed Oct 5 16:21:14 EDT 2016

  Instead of relying on my memory, I did a hasty desktop search on
Antarctic bases as analogues. Most Antarctic bases are one or two dozen
staff. The US South Pole base has an annual fluctuation between 150 - 50.
While we were joking about entertainment, the US McMurdo station has it own
TV station as well as access to Australian & New Zealand/Atearoa TV.
Mcmurdo is ten times the size of any other station, annual fluctuations
between 1 500 - 500 personnel.

  Notwithstanding Mcmurdo's size, almost all the drama has befallen the
South Pole base: cancer, stroke requiring medvac; one death from alcohol
poisoning too swift for medvac; two drunks sent home in disgrace after an
Xmas brawl.

  Relevance to this forum: a Moon base could have evacuated the cancer &
stroke victims within 3 days to home.  On a Mars base both would have died
before any evacuation possible. Emotional stress precipitating alcohol
poisoning or brawls needs preventative attention.
A Russian base had the misfortune that it was its doctor who needed an
emergency appendix op, which he did on himself.

   Lesson for Mars base: always have TWO doctors with surgical
qualification. A large medicine kitty is clearly a big must, when there'll
be a minimum four month delay in sending over emergency medicines. Even a
New Horizons budget would take 6 weeks for medicines to arrive.

- Keith

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