[FPSPACE] Slides: Elon Musk unveils SpaceX Mars Architecture

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Sat Oct 1 15:10:41 EDT 2016

The Peenemunde exiles in Huntsville set up a string quartet in the
   I am unaware if the huge US Antarctic bases at the South Pole &
McMurdo Sound have ever flown in musicians. 
Doubtless today they have lots of internet & DVD; maybe a few of the
staff bring guitars along with them; they number over 1000 people in

- Keith

>>> David Portree  10/01/16 8:16 PM >>>
Thanks for posting that link. A wee bit short on detail - reminds me of
some of the science fiction space programs I drew in school notebooks
while ignoring teachers in grade school, but obviously quite a bit more
slick. I always included a rocket bigger than the Saturn V, too, but I
never included a mariachi musician. My bad. Obviously a vital component
of any Mars settlement effort.


David S. F. Portree

dsfportree at hotmail.com




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Presentation slides from Elon Musk’s talk at the International
Astronautical Congress on September 27, 2016 detailing SpaceX’s plans
for establishing a cargo and crew architecture for future exploration
and settlement on Mars.

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