[FPSPACE] Mars, here we come..

John Pike john at globalsecurity.org
Sat Oct 1 13:37:04 EDT 2016

At 01:12 PM 10/1/2016, David Portree wrote:
>What if, when Europeans arrived in the Americas, Zika had been 
>common and spread by air? The native population would have developed 
>immunity long ago, but Europeans would have had none.

there is no need for such a gedankenexperiment

Malaria was a significant limiting factor in taking up the
White Man's Burden in the Dark Continent

Nigeria was initially known as the "White Man's Grave"

with a few exceptions, most "colonies" were little more
than coastal trading stations

when the French and British tried to grab Kamerun
from the Germans in the Great War, it took upwards of
two years because the "colony" was almost completely
un-developed, with only a few lines of communication,
leading nowhere

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