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ISS is a microgravity facility, not a hypogravity facility and it's hard to see how it might be adapted so that those on board it could experience 1/3 or 1/6 G for prolonged periods.

For quite a few years folks have discussed a variable-gravity research facility - a spinning artificial-gee station that could be spun at different rates to generate different levels of acceleration ("artificial gravity"). Skylab B was to have included an artificial-gravity experiment using tethers and its empty S-II stage, and there was some discussion - not much, mind you - of trying out different G values.

Probably the most visible call for a variable-G station was in Tom Paine's National Commission on Space report PIONEERING THE SPACE FRONTIER back in 1986.

The following isn't meant to be alarmist - only to help to focus the imagination. What if, when Europeans arrived in the Americas, Zika had been common and spread by air? The native population would have developed immunity long ago, but Europeans would have had none. Imagine that all European babies born in the Americas were afflicted with microencephaly. Settlement would fail and there would be much heartbreak. I could see something like that happening to the first Mars settlement. (Of course, hypogravity is not communicable - in the Zika case, Europe would probably have been decimated by infected people returning from the Americas.)


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I have been thinking about this for a while. Couldn't they do a "trial"
in LEO in the ISS? And see what the result is? I know it is much easier
said than done but isn't the ISS there to learn about life sciences?

So conception,pregnancy and delivery is I think one of the items that
fit in life sciences. Of course you have to find the people willing to
do this and that may be a problem.

Just my 2 cents.


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