[FPSPACE] health of Apollo astronauts

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Sat Jul 30 16:39:05 EDT 2016


  on the recent working hypothesis that radiation exposure drastically increased cardiovascular disease amongst Apollo astronauts, let me draw your attention to:

   Spaceflight, the British Interplanetary Society monthly magazine, has in recent years published a stream of letters to the editor, & the occasional article, by a US medical researcher, all heavily footnoted with medical references.

    He argues that it was inhaling of Moon dust by the astronauts, after they removed their helmets inside the lunar ascender stage, which produced devastating high heartbeat rates, etc. He also repeatedly argues the case for injection of magnesium into astronauts exposed to weightlessness as well. He has applied for release of NASA medical records as soon as the astronaut concerned has died, as NASA will only release them posthumously. 

   I thought I should mention this alternative working hypothesis here, because radiation is best known for causing cancers, not cardiovascular disease.

- Keith.

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