[FPSPACE] Alexeyev/Sukhoi Albatros

Mark Wade astronautix at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 15:18:13 EDT 2016

The drawing on my site is not 'conjectural' but rather based on the
illustrations appearing in the source cited on my page on the Albatros:

Kidger, Neville, "The Soviet Shuttle (Letter)", *Spaceflight*, 1983, Volume
25, page 251.

My original article (posted August 1996!):


It does not seem there is anything new in this blog post beyond my article,
in turn based on Neville's. I am not sure it is related to the Albatros
that Bart is discussing; I haven't seen that original. Alekseyev was only
proposing the launch platform; the two-stage winged shuttle was by Sukhoi.
It was odd that of all of the studies done leading up to Buran, only this
one seems to have been publicly known to the west prior to the BOR-4 /
Buran flight tests.

On the other hand I can't readily find any post-Soviet Russian source (e.g.
Alekseyev or Sukhoi) bureaus that mention this design. The only current
Russian sources are going back to my article, then back to Neville's. So
did it ever exist? And if it did, wouldn't it have used an Ekranoplan
rather than a hydrofoil (or maybe what was released in the West was a
hydrofoil since Ekranoplans were so classified?)
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