[FPSPACE] Trump for Pluto?

Red Indian dstdba at aim.com
Thu Jul 21 06:41:25 EDT 2016

In my view a vote for Donald J. Trump on Nov. 8th should
depend on him meeting the following three conditions:
1. Trump promises to ease the US pressure on the Danish
   government to veto Nord Stream 2
2. Trump promises to scratch Exelis Services from the bid to
    supply maintenance to the Thule Air Base until 2022
3. Trump promises to reinstate dwarf planet ( or for the sake of
    political correctness, little planet ) Pluto to full planetary status
On the other hand I see only one precondition for voting for Hillary Clinton:
1. A solemn promise to ditch Bill the Clown immediately upon election
Jens Kieffer-Olsen
Slagelse, Denmark

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