[FPSPACE] Reaction Engines secures funding to enable development of SABRE demonstrator engine

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Mon Jul 18 16:57:48 EDT 2016

Hooray - Better late than never! The significance of this news item, which I traced back to the Reaction Engines Ltd website, is that Reaction Engine's SABRE engine is intended to power their Skylon, an air-breathing, single-stage-to-orbit, horizontal take off & landing spaceplane: AB SSTO HOTOL. The SABRE is a combined turbojet-bypass ramjet-rocket engine.

   They are talking of a static test demonstration by 2020, which I fear means a flight to orbit cannot be much before 2030 - even if all goes well financially & politically. REL needs to keep & grow ESA support. Ultimately Arianespace support.

- Keith.

>>> "David R. Woods"  07/18/16 9:39 PM >>>
Reaction Engines Ltd., today announces the signing of a 10m euro 
European Space Agency (ESA) contract which will enable the development 
of a ground based demonstrator of SABRE, a new class of aerospace engine 
which is highly scalable with multiple potential applications in 
hypersonic travel and space access.


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