[FPSPACE] Philip Bono, By Gemini to Mars, and more..

Mark Wade astronautix at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 15:18:18 EDT 2016

I've added a new article on Philip Bono's work at:


You may notice I've reorganized and reformatted the site, and am now (after
some time) begun adding new and updated content. So please visit regularly
to see what is new - other recent articles were Gemini to Mars! and Where
Have All the Astronauts Gone?

Hope to have new and updated articles based on insight from the Mishin
diaries soon...

All new content accessible at the top page:


Thanks for the support over the decades (!) - the site has been up for over
20 years now!

And when trying to pin down the exact date, I noticed I've been with
fpspace ... since 21 December 1995!

Mark Wade
astronautix at gmail.com
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