[FPSPACE] Jimmy Carter talked to Brezhnev about US Space Shuttle

Peter Pesavento pjp961 at svol.net
Thu Jul 14 20:58:14 EDT 2016

A new article on the ARStechnica website about President Jimmy Carter and
the NASA Supplemental decisions of 1979 and 1980.  He decided to not kill
the Shuttle, but get its development completed.  And the article examines
that part of the impetus was the utility of the Shuttle in verifying SALT


Apparently Carter talked to Brezhnev about the US Space Shuttle.  I wonder
if this might have been the origin of the fears that the US Space Shuttle
would zoom down over Moscow and deliver a nuclear payload..


Even though Carter told them it would orbit over Moscow continuously to
verify SALT treaty agreements; and to launch reconnaissance satellites from
its payload bay (according to John Logsdon's comments in the article).
Perhaps the Russians took the view that the exact oppposite was going to
happen-non-peaceful or peacekeeping paylods would be carried instead..






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