[FPSPACE] Apollo 11 Source Code Uploaded To Programming Website

Charles Vick cpvick at globalsecurity.org
Tue Jul 12 20:07:44 EDT 2016

Apollo 11 Source Code Uploaded To Programming Website.
TIME (7/11) reports that former NASA intern Chris Garry has uploaded the
source code for the Apollo 11 guidance computer to the programming website
GitHub, "allowing software engineers to go digging around within one of the
landmark technological achievements of the 20th century." The article
explains that the data uploaded by Garry "shows the thousands of lines of
code that went into inventing the Apollo Guidance Computer back in the mid
1960s." In addition, according to the article, "MIT software engineers in
charge of the project ensured future generations of programmers would at
least be entertained by the code." The article notes that one of the
sections is named "BURN_BABY_BURN-MASTER_IGNITION_ROUTINE," while a piece of
code instructs an astronaut to "crank the silly thing around." 
        PC Magazine (7/11) also reports on the story.
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