[FPSPACE] Luna 13 lands on the Moon 50 years ago today

Andrew LePage drew at drewexmachina.com
Sat Dec 24 08:25:19 EST 2016

The year 1966 proved to be a busy one for the exploration of the Moon as 
preparations for the first manned lunar landings moved forward at an 
accelerating pace. As if to remind the world who had started the 
historic year with humanity's first successful lunar landing, the Soviet 
Union launched Luna 13 which repeated the performance of Luna 9 with a 
more heavily instrumented lander that reached the Moon on Christmas Eve 
1966. Today's new post on Drew Ex Machina takes a closer look at the 
Luna 13 mission and what it accomplished during the closing days of 1966.


Drew LePage

Andrew J. LePage
Physicist & Writer


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