[FPSPACE] Former astronaut, US Sen. John Glenn of Ohio has died at 95

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Thanks Chris,

Among all people flown in space, Glenn was the second born, after Beregovoy who was born in April 1921. (died in 1996.). If we include others, the first born is Anyokhin (1910-1986), who was the member of first civilian group of cosmonauts (1966.). Interestingly, Anyokhin, a veteran pilot from the WWII, was selected in the cosmonaut group despite he lost one eye in the combat. He left the cosmonaut group in 1968.  

Although the oldest, Glenn was the last of famous seven Mercury astronauts selected in 1959. His best friend among the first astronauts, Carpenter died in 2013, Schirra in 2007, Cooper in 2004, Shepard in 1998, Slayton in 1993, and Grissom in 1967.

From the first Soviet cosmonaut group of 20 people (1960), Bykovskiy, Leonov, Volynov and Gorbatko (all born in 1934.), are alive. Leonov and Volynov are very active in the Star City. 

After the death of Glenn, Shatalov (few days ago has celebrated the 89th birthday), is now the oldest among all space-men, then Borman, Filipchenko and Lovell (all born in 1928.) and then McDivitt and Gordon (1929.).

To all of them and other space veterans I wish good health and all the best.


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On 11/12/2016, at 2:20 AM, "Chris Jones" <clj at panix.com> wrote:

> On 12/08/16 4:35 PM, David R. Woods wrote:
>> John Glenn, whose 1962 flight as the first U.S. astronaut to orbit
>> the Earth made him an all-American hero and propelled him to a long
>> career in the U.S. Senate, died Thursday. The last survivor of the
>> original Mercury 7 astronauts was 95.
> In addition to being the the last survivor of the original 7 astronauts,
> he was the last human alive who had made a space flight in 1962.
> Bykovsky and Tereshkova still survive from those who made Vostok flights.
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