[FPSPACE] Help needed for initial ground tracks of Molniya orbit missions

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Mon Dec 5 10:23:33 EST 2016

For a report I’m preparing on the spectacular history of ground observations of spacecraft fuel dumps, one section will deal with the repeated post-sunset sightings in Chile and Argentina of the post 4th stage insertion burn’s fuel dump of Russian Molniya-orbit missions – they have made a major contribution to Latin American ‘UFO lore’, especially in the 1980’s. I’m trying to locate – or ask a colleague to produce – a ground track map over that area of the post burn trajectory, which I’m calling the ‘Molniya orbit insertion slot’. Altitude/time hacks along the ascending trajectory would also be valuable to correlate with viewing azimuth/elevation reports from various places on the ground. Assume the burn occurs at maximum southern point of the initial parking orbit. Find the slot’s longitude displacement for Baikonur launches versus Plesetsk launches. Thanks. 

Here’s my original work on this subject from 1983: http://www.debunker.com/texts/giant_ufo.html 

The most sensational ground reports came from launches such as these: 

1980-013 1980 Feb 12 0052:37 1980-013A Kosmos-1164 

1980-050 1980 Jun 14 2051:34 1980-050A Kosmos-1188 

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